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Imperialism in East Asia Series

ISBN ISSN 2633-3007

Editors: Robert Fletcher (Missouri ) & Tehyun Ma (Sheffield)

Imperialism in East Asia provides an important new focus on the modern history and enduring legacies of imperialism in East Asia, providing a platform for critical exploration of the histories of imperialism in China, Korea and Japan, comparative studies of the phenomenon, and research tracing the connections between imperialisms in the region. In particular, it seeks to showcase research that brings new or neglected sources before academic and informed readerships, and welcomes contributions by new and established authors  For further information write to: and .

Volume 1

Mediating Empire

An English Family in China 1817-1927


ISBN  978-1-912961-02-3


Volume 2

Korea 1905-1945

From Japanese Colonialism to Liberation and Independence

KU Daeyeol

ISBN 978-1-912961-21-4