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Forthcoming Titles


Unbeaten Tracks in Japan: Revisiting Isabella Bird

Unbeaten Tracks in Japan Revisiting Isabella Bird

Kiyonori Kanasaka

ISBN: 978-1-898823-79-7


Forthcoming - March 2019

Isabella Bird’s best-selling book on Japan is republished here, but with a difference: for the first time, it is now fully annotated with supporting commentaries, providing the twenty-first century reader with an enhanced informed view of the new ‘modern Japan’ as Bird experienced it in 1878.


British Royal and Imperial Relations, 1868-2018: 150 Years of Association, Engagement and Celebration

British Royal and Imperial Relations 1868-2018 150 Years of Association Engagement and Celebration

Edited by Peter Kornicki, Antony Best and Sir Hugh Cortazzi

ISBN: 978-1-898823-86-5


Forthcoming - April 2019

This new study examines the history of the relations between the British and Japanese monarchies over the past 150 years. Complemented by a significant plate section, with many rarely seen historical photographs and illustrations, together with supporting chronologies, this volume will become a benchmark reference on the subject.


The Rise and Evolution of Meiji Japan

The Rise and Evolution of Meiji Japan

James Huffman

ISBN: 978-1-89882394-0


Forthcoming - May 2019

A mini memoir, plus thirty journal papers and scholarly essays, thematically structured under: Media, Society, Culture and Environment, Democracy, Government and Nationalism,and a selection from his portfolio of book reviews. This offers valuable access to the scholarship of Huffman that both complements and enhances existing published works.


Kyoto’s Renaissance: Ancient Capital for Modern Japan

Kyotos Renaissance Ancient Capital for Modern Japan

John Breen, Maruyama Hiroshi, Takagi Hiroshi (eds)

ISBN: 978-1-898823-92-6


Forthcoming - May 2019

Draws on archive of material, a first in English to take an in-depth look at Kyoto’s modern transformation – its reinvention after ‘collapse’ (Meiji Restoration) and relocation of the imperial court to Tokyo. Includes: introduction, chapters on notable historical elements that sustain Kyoto as a quintessentially modern ‘ancient capital’ today.


A History of Discriminated Buraku Communities in Japan

A History of Discriminated Buraku Communities in Japan

Teraki Nobuaki and Kurokawa Midori (Translated by Ian Neary)

ISBN: 978-1-898823-96-4


Forthcoming - June 2019

First study published in English. An intractable, divisive social problem with roots in pre-history, the ongoing discrimination against Dōwa communities (Buraku). Identified with ‘unclean’ work linked to specific occupations, their resulting marginalization and isolation within society as a whole remains a veiled yet contested issue.


The Thames and I: A Memoir by Prince Naruhito of Two Years at Oxford

The Thames and I A Memoir by Prince Naruhito of Two Years at Oxford

Prince Naruhito, Crown Prince of Japan (Translated by the late Sir Hugh Cortazzi)

ISBN: 978-1-89882398-8


Forthcoming - February 2019

Hardback published 2006; softback reprint published to mark ascendancy to imperial throne in 2019. Became Crown Prince of Japan in 1989, on death of his grandfather Emperor Showa, Prince Naruhito studied at Merton College, Oxford, 1983-1985. This marked the first time that anyone in direct succession to the throne had ever studied outside Japan.


Northern Light: Norway Past and Present

Northern Light Norway Past and Present

Nils-Johan Jørgensen

ISBN: 978-1-898823-90-2


Forthcoming - April 2019

In Northern Light , former Counsellor and Minister Counsellor at the Norwegian Embassies in Bonn and Tokyo, Nils-Johan Jørgensen challenges many existing perceptions and stereotypes relating to his country of birth, making this an essential reference for those interested in Norway – its people and culture, as well as, more broadly, in international affairs and European history in particular.


The Life of Nobuko: Words, Works and Pictures of an Ordinary but Remarkable Japanese Woman, 1946-2015

The Life of Nobuko Words Works and Pictures of an Ordinary but Remarkable Japanese Woman 1946-2015

Edited and introduced by Kiyonori Kanasaka

ISBN: 978-1-898823-88-9


Forthcoming - May 2019

Born into the post-war American Occupation of Japan, Nobuko Kanasaka (née Fujimoto) emerged as a woman of her time, both tempered and inspired by the vicissitudes and challenges of occupation life (up to 1952), followed by the hazards of the early post-occupation growth of the economy, the ‘miracle’ years and finally the ‘post-bubble’ years.  This illustrated volume comprising over 400 photographs and illustrations, tracks both Nobuko’s life experiences from early childhood and celebrates her achievements as an amateur artist, calligrapher and writer.