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Forthcoming Titles


The Life of Nobuko: Words, Works and Pictures of an Ordinary but Remarkable Japanese Woman, 1946-2015

The Life of Nobuko Words Works and Pictures of an Ordinary but Remarkable Japanese Woman 1946-2015

Edited and introduced by Kiyonori Kanasaka

ISBN: 978-1-898823-88-9


Forthcoming - November 2020

Born into the post-war American Occupation of Japan, Nobuko Kanasaka (née Fujimoto) emerged as a woman of her time, both tempered and inspired by the vicissitudes and challenges of occupation life (up to 1952), followed by the hazards of the early post-occupation growth of the economy, the ‘miracle’ years and finally the ‘post-bubble’ years.  This illustrated volume comprising over 400 photographs and illustrations, tracks both Nobuko’s life experiences from early childhood and celebrates her achievements as an amateur artist, calligrapher and writer.


US-Japan Human Rights Diplomacy Post 1945: Trafficking, Debates, Documents and Outcomes

US-Japan Human Rights Diplomacy Post 1945 Trafficking Debates Documents  and Outcomes

Roger Buckley

ISBN: 978-1-912961-12-2


Forthcoming - November 2020

This is a pioneering study of a worsening human rights issue, supported by documentary evidence (Part I) with Part II providing an extensive collection of primary sources, including international covenants, US Trafficking In Persons and Congressional reports, and Japanese government papers.


A Life of Sir Harry Parkes: British Minister to Japan, China and Korea, 1865–1885

A Life of Sir Harry Parkes British Minister to Japan China  and Korea 18651885

Robert Morton

ISBN: 978-1-912961-16-0


Forthcoming - October 2020

Harry Parkes was at the heart of Britain’s relations with the Far East from the start of his working life at fourteen, to his death at fifty-seven. Orphaned at the age of five, he went to China on his own as a child and worked his way to the top. God-fearing and fearless, he believed his mission was to bring trade and ‘civilisation’ to East Asia. 


Richard Sorge, the GRU and the Pacific War

Richard Sorge the GRU and the Pacific War

John W. M. Chapman

ISBN: 978-1-912961-09-2


Forthcoming - October 2020

Sorge’s activities between 1930 and 1942 have tended to be lauded as those of a superlative human intelligence operator and the Soviet Union’s GRU (Soviet military intelligence unit) as the optimum of spy-masters. Although it was unusual for a great deal of inside knowledge to be obtained from the Japanese side, most attention has always been paid on the German side to the roles played by representatives of the German Army in Japan.


Technical Knowledge in Early Modern Japan

Technical Knowledge in Early Modern Japan

Erich Pauer (Marburg) & Ruselle Meade (Cardiff ) (Eds)

ISBN: 978-1-912961-00-9


Forthcoming - October 2020

Drawing on the papers presented at CEEJA’s* first international conference addressing the long-neglected field relating to the generation, dissemination and application of technical knowledge in Japan from the Edo to the Meiji periods, this volume provides a valuable selection of new research on the subject, from Hashimoto Takehiko’s detailed examination of Tanaka Hisashige’s ‘Myriad Year Clock’, Regine Mathias’s paper on mining and smelting, and Erich Pauer’s overview of Japanese technical books in the pre-modern era, to Suzuki Jun’s detailed account of boiler-making in late nineteenth-century Japan.

* Centre Européen d’Études Japonaises d’Alsace, 2017


Early Japanese Trade, Administration and Interactions with the West

Early Japanese Trade  Administration and  Interactions with the West

Louis Cullen

ISBN: 978-1-912961-06-1


Forthcoming - September 2020

Throughout his academic career Louis Cullen’s main research interest has been foreign trade - originally that of England, Ireland and France, but from the mid-1990s, his focus turned to Japanese history resulting in his critically acclaimed A history of Japan 1582–1941: Internal and External Worlds.