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Renaissance Books are academic publishers offering a new, robust and independent platform for peer-reviewed scholarship on Asia Pacific, in particular East Asian Studies – principally in the Humanities and Social Sciences. We have a strong presence in the United States through our distribution partnership with ISD (Ian Stevens Distribution), our books are published to the highest standards of production and design, and we count amongst our published authors some of the leading names in their fields.


Launch of new Renaissance Books series:
Imperialism in East Asia

As part of the growing scholarship on family and empire, this study examines  Britain’s presence in China through the lens of one family, arguing that, as the physical embodiment of the imperial project, it provided a social and cultural mechanism for mediating Britain’s imperial power, authority and presence, and forging connections and networks throughout the expanding British world. Drawing on public and private papers, it breaks significant new ground in its development of those themes. [For further details see Recently Published]



From left to right Yoshihiko Futamatsu Peter N Davies  Renichi Sugano Tokyo 1990

Peter N. Davies – A significant legacy, including his involvement in the history of the Thai-Burma Railway

01 Aug 2020

Belatedly, in these Covid-19 times, we honour the memory of author Peter N. Davies, Emeritus Professor at Liverpool University’s School of History, who died at his home in Caldy, Wirral, on 19 March 2020 at the age of 92. He will be greatly missed by his extensive circle of friends and colleagues around the world, but especially in the UK and Japan.