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Japanese Studies in Britain. A Survey and History
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Japanese Studies in Britain. A Survey and History

ISBN 978-1-898823-58-2

Hugh Cortazzi and Peter Kornicki (eds)


978-1-898823-58-2  | 336pp  | Hardback |  45.00    

October 2016  

E - book : 978-1-898823- 59-9  

It comprises  essays written by scholars from universities all over Britain,  – from Edinburgh and Newcastle to Cardiff, SOAS and Oxbridge + , as well as contributions from various supporting foundations and organizations – from the British Association of Japanese Studies (BAJS) to the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures (SISJAC). It opens with an historical overview by Peter Kornicki, followed by chapters on the important role of missionaries in advancing Japanese language studies in pre-war Japan by Hamish Ion and the contribution of the British consular and military officers before 1941 by Jim Hoare.   

Japanese Studies in Britain gives a snapshot of the present state of Japanese Studies in Britain. It also provides an important new benchmark and point of reference regarding the present options for studying Japan at British universities. It offers in addition a wider perspective on the role, relevance and future direction of Japanese Studies for academia, business and government, students planning their future careers and more generally the world of education, as well as readers interested in the developing relationship between Britain and Japan.