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Kyoto’s Renaissance: Ancient Capital for Modern Japan
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Kyoto’s Renaissance: Ancient Capital for Modern Japan

ISBN 978-1-898823-92-6

John Breen, Maruyama Hiroshi, Takagi Hiroshi (eds)


Drawing on a significant archive of primary sources and critical writings, Kyoto’s Renaissance is the first volume in English to take an in-depth look at Kyoto’s modern transformation – how it came to reinvent itself after its ‘collapse’ at the time of the Meiji Restoration of 1868 and relocation of the imperial court to Tokyo. Following a contextualised introduction, which also includes a scholarly appraisal of recent and contemporary studies on the city - in both English and Japanese – nine chapters focus on the most notable historical elements that sustain Kyoto as a quintessentially modern ‘ancient capital’ today. The topics examined are the Emperor System, Festivals and Pageants, Buddhism, the Reorganization of Urban Space, Celebrating Heian, Kyoto’s Forest Policy, Industrialization, Nihonga and trends in Modern Pottery. Kyoto’s Renaissance represents current Japanese scholarship at its best and will be welcomed both as an informed reference book on today’s city and as a benchmark reference for further wide-ranging research.