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Jirō Yamaguchi
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Jirō Yamaguchi

In 2014, he moved from Hokkaidō to Tokyo, where he joined the Faculty of Hōsei University. Among his many publications on contemporary Japanese politics in Japanese, the following titles should be noted (translated titles): The End of Domination by the Finance Bureaucracy (1987), Collapse of the System of Single-Party Dominance (1989), Political Reform (1993), Issues in Japanese Politics (1997), British Politics; Japanese Politics (1998), Japanese Politics in Crisis (1999), Yamaguchi Jirō and Ishikawa Masumi, Nihon Shakaito: Sengo kakushin no shiso to kodo (The Japan Socialist Party: Thought and Action in the Post-war Reforms), Nihon Keizai Hyoronsha, 2003.