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Kiyonori Kanasaka
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Kiyonori Kanasaka

He has published extensively in Japanese on the subject, including a full annotated translation of the original two-volume (1880) edition of Unbeaten Tracks in Japan . He is also known worldwide for his ‘Twin Time Travel’ photographic exhibition, which he has taken to many countries – presenting Bird’s descriptions of what she wrote about in her books in juxtaposition with illustrations of the present. In particular, in the course of his research over the last thirty years he has developed a ‘scientific approach’ to understanding Bird and her writings, with a view to clarifying many misconceptions about Bird – where she went and what she did – the inspiration for doing so deriving in part from the fact that much of what is known of Bird and Japan has been based on the abbreviated version of Unbeaten Tracks used widely by scholars and researchers in modern times. This book, therefore, first published in Japanese, represents the essence of the author’s life’s work on Bird.