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Forthcoming Titles


The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods: History, Relevance and Role as Religious Icons

The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods History Relevance and Role as Religious Icons

Kim Tae-gon (Translation and Introduction by Christina Han)

ISBN: 978-1-898823-77-3


This is the first monograph on the subject to be published in English. It comprises 130 full-colour plates of shaman gods. Supported by two introductory chapters ‘Reflections on Shaman God Paintings and Shamanism’ by Kim Tae-gon, and ‘The Shaman God Paintings as an Icon and Its Artistic Qualities’.


The Private Diplomacy of Shibusawa Eiichi: Visionary Entrepreneur and Transnationalist of Modern Japan

The Private Diplomacy of Shibusawa Eiichi Visionary Entrepreneur and Transnationalist of Modern Japan

Masahide Shibusawa

ISBN: 978-1-898823-81-0


“Japan had a tortuous relationship with internationalism between 1840, when Shibusawa was born, and 1931, the year the nation invaded Manchuria and when he passed away. The key to understanding Shibusawa’s thoughts against the background of this history, the author shows, lies in the concept of ‘people’s diplomacy’.” [Akira Iriye]


Unbeaten Tracks in Japan: Revisiting Isabella Bird

Unbeaten Tracks in Japan Revisiting Isabella Bird

Kiyonori Kanasaka

ISBN: 978-1-898823-79-7


Isabella Bird’s best-selling book on Japan is republished here, but with a difference: for the first time, it is now fully annotated with supporting commentaries, providing the twenty-first century reader with an enhanced informed view of the new ‘modern Japan’ as Bird experienced it in 1878.


British Royal and Imperial Relations, 1868-2018: 150 Years of Association, Engagement and Celebration

British Royal and Imperial Relations 1868-2018 150 Years of Association Engagement and Celebration

Edited by Peter Kornicki, Antony Best and Sir Hugh Cortazzi

ISBN: 978-1-898823-86-5


This new study examines the history of the relations between the British and Japanese monarchies over the past 150 years. Complemented by a significant plate section, with many rarely seen historical photographs and illustrations, together with supporting chronologies, this volume will become a benchmark reference on the subject.


Northern Light: Norway Past and Present

Northern Light Norway Past and Present

Nils-Johan Jorgensen

ISBN: 978-1-898823-90-2


This title discusses what it means to be Norwegian, in the past and now. It briefly turns to Norway’s history in a European context, largely unknown outside (and even within) Norway. This is for anyone who looks to Norway and wishes to discover why she survived and became a distinct rich nation. She is a young state and an old nation.


Anjin: The Life and Times of Samurai William Adams, 1564-1620

Anjin The Life and Times of Samurai William Adams 1564-1620

Hiromi Rogers

ISBN: 978-1-898823-85-8


On a battered ship, drifting into Usuki Bay, barely standing, are 23 Dutchmen and 1 Englishman, the remnants of a fleet of 5 ships and 500 men that had left Rotterdam. Englishman, William Adams, later known as Anjin Miura by the Japanese, who went from wretched prisoner to one of the Shogun’s closest advisers is the centrepiece of this book.


The Ghost of Namamugi: Charles Lenox Richardson and the Anglo-Satsuma War

The Ghost of Namamugi Charles Lenox Richardson and the Anglo-Satsuma War

Robert S.G. Fletcher

ISBN: 978-1-898823-83-4


In 1862, a British merchant was killed by samurai at Namamugi, a quiet village near Yokohama. One year later, a British fleet bombarded Kagoshima to extract reparations, reducing much of this south-western city to ash. This captivating re-telling, locates the story firmly within the wider context of British imperial expansion in East Asia.


Culture, Power and Politics in Treaty-Port Japan, 1854-1899. Key Papers, Press and Contemporary Writings

Culture Power and Politics in Treaty-Port Japan 1854-1899 Key Papers Press and Contemporary Writings

J.E. Hoare (ed.)

ISBN: 978-1-898823-61-2


Forthcoming - October 2018

This two–volume collection, supported by an in-depth introduction that addresses origins, actuality, endgame and afterlife, brings together for the first time contemporary documentation and more recent scholarship to give a broad picture of Japan’s Treaty Ports and their inhabitants at work and play in the second half of the nineteenth century. The material selected, shows how the ports’ existence and the Japanese struggle to end their special status, impacted on many aspects of modern Japan beyond their primary role as trading stations