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Renaissance Books offers the scholarly and reference community a new, robust and independent platform for publishing on Asia Pacific,  in particular Japanese and East  Asian Studies - principally in the Humanities and Social Sciences.  We have a strong presence in the US through our distribution partnership with the University of Hawai’i Press, our books are published to the highest standards of production and design and we count amongst our published authors some of the leading names in their fields.


Wars and Rumours of War, 1918-1945

Japan, the West and Asia Pacific:

Selected Contemporary Readings on Crises and Conflict

Series 2: 1937-1945. From Manchuria to Tokyo Bay

6-volume set (Co-published with Eureka Press, Japan)

Roger Buckley (ed.)

(Academic Visitor, St Antony's College, Oxford and former Professor of International History, International Christian University, Tokyo)

Foreword by Akira Iriye

(Charles Warren Professor of American History, Emeritus, Harvard University)

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